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Storm and Outage Details

Holiday Storm 2022

Update: 12:45 PM, 12/26/2022

More than 1,100 workers remain committed to restoring electric service for nearly 50,000 Appalachian Power customers who lost power December 23 from damaging winds and bitterly cold temperatures.

Power has been restored to 90 percent of customers affected by the severe weather, and crews are making great progress to complete service restoration today.

Remaining outages are mostly in areas of Virginia in and around Roanoke and Lynchburg.  


During extreme cold temperatures workers have had to stay in areas after repairs were complete, and bring customers back in small groups to avoid overloading electric lines.

This extra step will not be needed as much with today’s more moderate temperatures, which will help restoration progress faster.

Areas with the most remaining outages include: Bedford County, 408; Botetourt County, 405; Campbell County, 470; Franklin County, 1,639; Henry County, 145; Lynchburg, 1,234; Pulaski County, 158; Roanoke County, 1,018; and Roanoke, 580. 

Restoration Estimates

Most customers still without service from the storm should have service restored by late tonight.

In isolated cases or areas where extensive repairs are needed, restoration may extend into tomorrow.

We are working to update restoration estimates for each specific outage as information becomes available.


Safety Messages

Severe weather can cause power lines to snap or poles to come down. Fallen power lines are dangerous because they carry an electric current that can cause serious or fatal injury. Never touch a fallen wire, no matter how harmless it looks. And keep others away from the potential hazard as well. If you encounter fallen wires, stay away from them and immediately contact Appalachian Power.

Never touch a downed utility wire, no matter how harmless it looks. It can be difficult to distinguish between a power line and a cable or telephone line. All downed lines should be considered energized and dangerous. And don't touch anything in contact with the line, such as trees, fences or puddles of water, since they can conduct electricity. Keep children and pets away from this potential hazard. Call Appalachian Power to report any downed lines or equipment.

If you use a portable or RV generator, do not plug the generator into your circuit box. Portable generators "backfeed" electricity up the line and risk the lives of repair workers and the public. Follow the manufacturers' instructions carefully, and plug essential appliances directly into the generator. See additional information about use of backup generators.

Customer Information

Appalachian Power asks customers affected by the power outage, including those who must leave their homes, to turn off all lights and appliances – including heating or air conditioning systems – to prevent circuit overload situations as power is restored to their homes. Customers should be extra cautious in making sure nothing is left cooking on kitchen ranges. One light can be left on, so customers will know when power is restored.

Next Update

Note: This is the last update on this storm.

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