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Paperless Billing

Time is money. Let us help you save with paperless billing. When you switch to paperless billing, you’re joining a digital revolution that cuts paper waste while enjoying the convenience of 24-hour online interaction.

Sign up for paperless billing

  • Free online payments - Pay your bills online for free from your checking account.
  • Get an e-mail notification - An e-mail lets you know when your bill is ready.
  • View bills anytime - Review bill safely and securely with 24x7 access.
  • Convenient - Quickly view and analyze your bill from your phone, tablet or computer.
  • Safe - You'll receive a reminder when your bill is coming due and confirmation that we received your payment.
  • Reliable - See up to 13 months of billing and usage details. Available to print if you need them.

After you enroll to receive your bill online, you'll no longer receive paper bills.

If you’re eligible, you can make free immediate payments from your bank account.

Last year, 892,000 of our customers chose paperless billing. Together, we’re reducing our impact to the environment in a big way.

By switching to paperless billing, our communities spared:

  • 5,952 trees
  • 248 tons of paper
  • 1,380,000 pounds of greenhouse gases
  • 477,000 pounds of solid waste
  • 6 million gallons of wastewater

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