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Our payment methods are simple, convenient and secure. Payment is free when you pay online with a checking account and you’re enrolled in Paperless Billing.

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Other Ways to Pay

If you don’t want to create an online account and would like to make a one-time payment, we offer guest pay (fee applies).
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Make immediate payments by phone (fee applies).
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We’ve made arrangements with a network of merchants to accept in-person payments.
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Helpful Payment Services

We offer a number of programs and services that make paying your bill a breeze.

Never miss a payment with AutoPay. Our AutoPay service will automatically pay your bill on the due date from your checking account and send you a message when it’s paid.

Paperless Billing reduces clutter. Enroll in our Paperless Billing program to receive an electronic bill by email instead of a paper bill.

Payment Assistance can help. We offer several ways to keep your power flowing while keeping your budget in mind.

Keep your bills balanced. Make your bills more predictable and avoid the potential of accumulating a large settlement balance with Average Monthly Payments (AMP).

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