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Frequently Asked Questions

All payments made during last 13 months or the 100 most recent transactions.
Any payments canceled in the last 90 days are displayed.

Processing/Processed - Your payment is being processed and can no longer be canceled.

Pending - We have received a notification of your payment and we are processing it.

Corrected - We adjusted a payment on your account.

Returned - We attempted to process your payment and it was returned from your bank at either your request or the request of your bank.

Scheduled - Your payment is scheduled for a future date and will not post to your account until the scheduled date.

Canceled - Your payment has been canceled and will not be processed with your financial institution.

Payment processing takes 1-3 business days.
We attempt to resubmit a payment a second time depending on the return reason before we reflect the return from the bank. Please wait for a returned payment to appear on the account before initiating another payment.

The date you see is the date we processed the payment to your account, however the original payment notification date is the one we honor.

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